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October 2006

  • Mobility adds muscle to gym equipment vendor

    Gym equipment vendor, New England Fitness, boost productivity by deploying a handful of BlackBerrys linked to a Web-based work-order processing application.

  • BlackBerry battles for mobility domination

    BlackBerry has been the heavyweight enterprise mobility champion for a long time now, but there are several new contenders entering the ring looking to slug it out for the title.

  • SOA worst practices, part 2: People skills needed

    Dan Foody, CTO for Sonic and Actional products at Progress Software Corp., is seeing SOA failures based on what he considers SOA worst practices. Although he is a chief technology officer, he does not...

  • SOA worst practices, lots of Web services = trouble

    Why do SOA projects fail? In this Q&A, Sonic Software CTO Dan Foody talks about SOA worst practices and how to avoid them.

  • FAQ: Formula language for Lotus Notes and Domino

    Is Formula language frustrating you? Are you having trouble writing Formula language scripts for Lotus Notes and Domino? Check out this list of frequently asked Formula language questions. Whether ...

  • Fight spear phishing

    Spear phishing, a phishing technique directed at a single company, poses a greater security risk to enterprise administrators than regular phishing. Contributor Tony Bradley recommends taking steps...

  • Hooked: Phishing is luring more and more of your customers

    In this tip, Web security guru, Nalneesh Gaur examines how hackers are using phishing scams to exploit financial sectors of the industry, why you should care and what you can do to prevent these at...

  • IM, blogs next target for litigation

    In litigation, email is still the No. 1 target of subpoenas for electronic records. But IMs and blogs are easily targeted, too, and need attention.

  • The truth about AutoSave in Lotus Notes/Domino 7

    SearchDomino.com contributor Andy Pedisich explains how the AutoSave feature works in Lotus Notes/Domino 7 for recovering documents from a Lotus Notes database after a nasty "red screen of death" c...

  • E-discovery rules double-edged sword for CIOs

    The new rules regarding electronic discovery show a growing appreciation for the vastness and value of electronically stored data. But don't expect them to make your job easier.

  • Three ways phishers are hooking you

    Researchers say the bad guys are getting a lot better at catching users on the phishing hook. Three methods are of particular concern.

  • Phishing: A whale of a problem for enterprises

    Phishing is no longer just a consumer problem, say experts. The scams are hurting companies' reputations and bottom lines.

  • Latest Ajax tools from Nexaweb target SOA, Web 2.0

    Nexaweb's new Universal Client Framework aims at corporate developers building Ajax-fronted Web services applications.

  • IBM rallies behind SOA flag

    Big Blue executives announce new services fabric and SOA registry/repository for WebSphere along with new BPM offerings.

  • Enhanced Lotus Notes agent logging

    When multiple employees are using a Lotus Notes agent, it can be difficult to gather debugging information. This agent from SearchDomino.com member Dennis Lowe assigns each user session a random ID...

  • Phishing secrets revealed

    Get an overview of how phishing threatens Domino Server from a leading authority on phishing technology, and learn what you need to do to protect your data.

  • New phishing threat outpaces Netsky-P

    A new phishing threat targeting clients of a German-based bank is surpassing global detections of the prolific Netsky-P malware.

  • PhishTank casts its net for malicious email

    PhishTank, a new information clearinghouse for phishing attack data, not only archives suspected and confirmed phishing emails, but also enables contributors to submit and access data.

  • Two fast and easy Domino Web Access performance tips

    SearchDomino.com contributor Andy Pedisich explains two simple configuration changes you can make to Domino Web Access that will improve its performance for your users.

  • Create a Lotus Notes ACL analyzer using LotusScript

    When looking at an access control list (ACL) in a Lotus Notes database, you can only view information for one ACL entry at a time. For easier analysis, this LotusScript code from SearchDomino.com m...