Domino Off-Line Services (DOLS) definition

Domino Off-Line Services (DOLS) is an add-on toolkit, based on Domino replication and security features, that allows users to access and interact with Domino Web applications through a browser without requiring a network connection, and to synchronize changes to source data when they reconnect. Applications such as e-mail and discussion groups are fully functional. Work completed offline is synchronized when the user next connects to the network through a tool called the iNotesSync Manager. DOLS decreases demands on network resources, and facilitates interactivity for a mobile workforce.

Using DOLS, a mobile worker could, for example, bring up a Web form in a Domino-based application and work with it, offline, in a meeting with a client. Changes specified could be sent out to work group members through the iNotes sync manager when the worker next connects to the network. The work group might meet, through teleconference, to discuss the changes. Online, after the discussion, the mobile worker could replicate the discussion database, and later, offline, respond to questions. The changes to the discussion database would be synchronized again whenever the worker next had an opportunity to connect to the network.

This was first published in September 2005

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