Using Microsoft Outlook with Lotus Domino Server FAQs

Having problems running Microsoft Outlook with Lotus Notes and Domino Server? Refer to this assortment of frequently asked questions for quick advice. Whether you need insight on connectors and migration tools, like DAMO and nupgrade.exe, or you want to import and export email and contacts data, you'll find expert answers you need to make Outlook and Notes/Domino co-exist.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Using Microsoft Outlook with a Lotus Domino server
  2. Using Microsoft Outlook with Domino without installing Notes
  3. Loading email back into Lotus Notes from Microsoft Outlook
  4. Exporting Microsoft Outlook email messages to Lotus Notes
  5. Exporting an Outlook contact name to a Lotus Notes PAB
  6. Remote Outlook users can't send email without an SMTP address
  7. Converting an Outlook .pst to Lotus Notes .nsf

Using Microsoft Outlook with a Lotus Domino server

My company is currently running Lotus Domino Server 6.5.2 with approximately 300 clients; all use Microsoft Outlook 2003 as their email client. The same clients have access to Domino Web Access (DWA) -- although few use it.

Each Microsoft Outlook client is currently using a copy of the master address book -- as opposed to a dynamic version of the company address book.

Are there any other choices to get this accomplished other than using Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook (DAMO)? The version of DAMO we are on, which is 6.5.3, has bugs in it. I know there are later versions, but I wanted to know my other options for using Microsoft Outlook with Lotus Domino Server.

DAMO (Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook) is the way to go here. If you want the dynamic lookup, I don't know of any other options for you.

Using Microsoft Outlook with Domino without installing Notes

We need to share the Domino Directory in Microsoft Outlook 2003. Is it possible to use Microsoft Outlook with a Domino server without installing the Lotus Notes client? We have tried Microsoft's plug-in (Outlook Connector for Domino) but that needs a Lotus Notes client install. We also tried IBM's plug-in (Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook) but it was unable to display the Domino Directory with Outlook XP, Outlook 97 or Outlook 2003. Are there any other plug-ins that you are aware of, or any other suggestions to work around this?

All you need to do is load LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) on the Lotus Domino server and point your Microsoft Outlook clients at it. This works great for any client.

Loading email back into Lotus Notes from Microsoft Outlook

We have Lotus Domino 6.5 and some of our users load their email into Microsoft Outlook. I would like to load these email messages back into the Lotus Notes server. I tried to use the program "nupgrade.exe 3" in order to load my .pst file in the Lotus Notes server, but the program asked me for the "MS Exchange Profile." What can I do in order to bypass this problem?

The nupgrade.exe 3 option is for systems where you have Microsoft Outlook set as your default email client. This is needed even if you are moving to Lotus Notes. You make Lotus Notes your default client after the upgrade. With your Microsoft Outlook client set up, you then use the profile where the email is stored (Outlook profile, by default). You can then import all your email and contacts into a Lotus Notes database. This database is local. If you want the information on the Domino server, you would need to copy it up there.

Exporting Microsoft Outlook email messages to Lotus Notes

How can I export my Microsoft Outlook email messages to Lotus Notes?

You can use the nupgrade.exe program that is installed with the Administration client. You must have Microsoft Outlook configured and pointing to your .pst file on the local machine to make this work. You launch nupgrade.exe from a command prompt with the /3 switch, and you are off and running.

Exporting an Outlook contact name to a Lotus Notes PAB

How can I export a Microsoft Outlook contact name to a Lotus Notes Personal Address Book (PAB)? Do you know of any migration tool that might do this?

There is the free tool that comes with the Domino administration client that can do rudimentary Microsoft Outlook migrations. Binary Tree has a complete suite of migration tools available to suit you needs.

Remote Outlook users can't send email without an SMTP address

I have several users with Microsoft Outlook clients connected to a Domino server. It works fine for the users who use Outlook inside the office or outside it by dialing our ISP connection to get their SMTP server. But when they connect to another ISP who does not provide an SMTP address, users can't send email through Outlook. Somehow I cannot use our mail server address on the outgoing mail (SMTP), but it works fine to receive mails from our Domino POP3 server. Any ideas to get the email messages sent out using Microsoft Outlook out of the office?

Many ISPs (Earthlink & Juno are two I know of offhand) do not allow you to use other SMTP servers when you are connected to them. They only allow SMTP port 25 traffic to their SMTP servers. Your people would need to have another profile in Microsoft Outlook set up to send outbound SMTP messages through the ISP's server, using credentials for that server, as well.

Converting an Outlook .pst to Lotus Notes .nsf

How can I convert a .pst file to Lotus Notes .nsf file?

There is a Microsoft Outlook migration tool available when you install the administration client. It is run from a DOS prompt, and it is called nupgrade.exe. You can find information about it in the Admin help file.

Chuck Connell
Chuck Connell
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This was first published in October 2007

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