Development Security for Lotus Notes Domino

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  • Possible Domino Denial of Service factors detailed

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  • Notes HTML attachment script vulnerability reported

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  • Various Domino vulnerabilities publicized

    The flaws largely concern pre-Domino 6.5.4 version software, and fixes are available, according to IBM. 

  • IBM denies report of new DoS vulnerability in Domino

    "Security intelligence" provider iDEFENSE reported a denial of service vulnerability in a Lotus Domino Server web service that allows attackers to crash the service, thereby preventing legitimate access. The problem is said to specifically exist with... 

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About Development Security for Lotus Notes Domino

Attackers are always looking for vulnerabilities at the code level, so security must begin at the application design level to truly be effective. Find tips and resources that will help you incorporate security best practices and techniques into your Lotus Notes Domino application development cycle.