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  • WebSphere Portal primer

    IBM WebSphere Portal is a framework which includes a runtime server, services, tools and other components that you can use to integrate your Lotus Notes Domino work environment into a customizable interface called a portal. This collection of tips, t... 

  • WebSphere Portal Learning Guide

    This guide introduces you to WebSphere Portal, explains best practices and pitfalls to avoid, and provides troubleshooting help and advice. 

  • Domino developers ask: Why WebSphere?

    Experts say WebSphere can offer Domino shops a number of useful features and functions, but not every environment requires those extra capabilities. 

  • Developer University: Domino and WebSphere Integration

    Some Domino fans say WebSphere is being pushed on them. Others say WebSphere is a good opportunity to learn new skills. Almost everyone says WebSphere is the future of Domino. Get a crash course in how the two technologies can work together with thi... 

  • WebSphere is a world of trouble, Domino readers say

    Find out what IBM WebSphere is and read about the challenges some Lotus Notes Domino shops are experiencing with their WebSphere implementations. 

  • IBM releases HR accelerator for SAP and WebSphere

    IBM releases a WebSphere accelerator that helps customers using SAP servers automate HR tasks. 

  • Mainsoft enables .NET applications to run on WebSphere Portal

    Mainsoft has released a new version of Visual MainWin for J2EE, which allows .NET applications to be transferred into Java bytecode that can then be deployed on WebSphere Portal. 

  • New and Notesworthy: November 2005

    This month's roundup of Notes/Domino product news includes two partnerships, a WebSphere Portal tool, a Notes-SharePoint link and updates to one company's entire Notes line. 

  • No middling in IBM's master plan

    IBM today announced new software to help companies make better use of the data scattered throughout their organizations. The WebSphere products, targeting the so-called "master data management software" market, are designed to present companies with ... 

  • Blog-spotting with IBM

    Ignoring what bloggers are saying about them and their businesses could have serious consequences for corporate leaders. IBM has introduced new software, called Public Image Monitoring Solution, that analyzes blogs, wikis, news feeds, consumer review... 

  • How IBM's ESB launch impacts architects, developers

    When IBM shipped its suite of ESB-focused technologies, it began its drive to move J2EE devs from tightly-coupled Java apps to loosely-coupled app design for easier code changes, updates, integrations and even easier interoperability with .NET. This ... 

  • How DataPower acquisition bolsters IBM WebSphere

    Security and the verbosity of XML are some of the niggling issues that the new IBM hardware appliance handles. 

  • Double-digit growth continues at IBM Lotus

    For the fourth straight quarter, IBM reports double-digit growth for the Lotus Software group. The division saw 12% growth in the third quarter. The WebSphere and Rational product divisions also experienced double-digit growth, IBM said. 

  • Quest for WebSphere portal management

    Quest's Performance Management Suite for Java and Portals addresses portal bottlenecks in WebSphere and other J2EE settings. 

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About IBM WebSphere

What is IBM WebSphere? WebSphere is an "integration software platform" that allows you to develop applications and design business processes. The product and technology architecture is actually comprised of multiple components, including WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal and WebSphere Studio. A simplified explanation is that WebSphere is a platform on top of which you can run J2EE programs. Get an introduction to IBM WebSphere and discover tips and tutorials that will teach you how to run WebSphere and connect or migrate Lotus Notes Domino applications to it.