Lotus Notes Domino Data Management and Storage

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  • Quickly scan all databases on a Lotus Domino server

    Use this agent to quickly scan all the databases on your Lotus Domino server. You'll find out which databases you don't have access to, which aren't included in the directory catalog and more.

  • LotusScript agent parses ACL to Microsoft Notepad

    After modifying a database, emailing large groups of users about the update can be a nuisance. This LotusScript agent will help you efficiently keep users abreast of database changes.

  • Domino Domain Monitoring hints and gotchas

    Use these various Notes.ini variables and console commands to better manage Domino Domain monitoring in your organization.

  • LotusScript code rebuilds corrupted busytime.nsf file

    The Notes/Domino busytime.nsf file can become become corrupted, causing problems with the Resource Reservations database. Use this LotuScript code to rebuild busytime.nsf files nightly -– without deleting busytime.nsf.

  • LotusScript agent automates selective mail file replication

    You can use selective replication to replicate sets of documents in a Notes/Domino database. But what if you need to replicate several Notes/Domino databases? Get the steps and LotusScript agent to set a replication formula for multiple mail files.

  • Configuring Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM)

    Some issues that frequently trouble Lotus Notes/ Domino administrators include resource consumption, time-consuming tasks, missed replication schedules and error conditions. Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM) features preconfigured probes to help administrators monitor their Lotus Notes/Domino environments.

  • How to move Notes databases off Domino 8 servers and save disk space

    Most Notes/Domino users are not aware of this easy method for freeing up space on Domino 8 servers. With this tip, you'll learn how to save valuable disk space by using Dirlinks and storing Notes databases off your Domino servers.

  • What is Notes 8.5's DAOS (Domino Attachment and Object Storage) feature?

    Get an introduction to DAOS (Domino Attachment Object Storage), a new feature in Lotus Notes 8.5 that preserves disk space by transferring attachments to a file system in your server, leaving you with tickets that reference the attachments, making them easily accessible. You'll learn the components it is made up of, what you'll need to run it, and why it's important to know all about it.

  • LotusScript agent indexes Lotus Notes/Domino databases

    Are you looking for a simpler way to search for information in your Lotus Notes/Domino databases? Use this LotusScript agent to automatically index databases according to specified keywords.

  • An introduction to Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM)

    Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM) is a free administration tool in Domino version 7 or higher that monitors events that the logging process of your Domino servers register, records information on a central server throughout your entire Domino domain, suggests how to fix server problems and more. This tutorial outlines how to leverage DDM in your Domino domain to benefit from its comprehensive server monitoring and reporting features.

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