Lotus Notes Domino Database Management

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  • Domino Domain Monitoring hints and gotchas

    Use these various Notes.ini variables and console commands to better manage Domino Domain monitoring in your organization. 

  • Configuring Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM)

    Some issues that frequently trouble Lotus Notes/ Domino administrators include resource consumption, time-consuming tasks, missed replication schedules and error conditions. Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM) features preconfigured probes to help adminis... 

  • An introduction to Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM)

    Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM) is a free administration tool in Domino version 7 or higher that monitors events that the logging process of your Domino servers register, records information on a central server throughout your entire Domino domain, su... 

  • Lotus Notes Domino database management and maintenance pointers

    Lean how to manage Lotus Notes Domino databases without compromising performance or stability using this collection of tips from our Lotus Notes Domino experts and site members. 

  • Tutorial: How to import data into Lotus Notes -- without programming

    Here are step-by-step instructions of three different methods for importing data into Lotus Notes, none of which requires any programming experience. 

  • DB2 Learning Guide

    Lotus Domino 7 introduces the ability to use IBM's DB2 relational database as an alternative storage mechanism for Domino data. However, IBM recently announced that it is looking for more feedback from customers, and that support for the Domino DB2 c... 

  • Microsoft releases free tools for Notes migration

    Transporter Suite for Lotus Notes allows users to analyze their Notes application infrastructure and determine the best course of action. 

  • Domino stability should be tied to platform, readers say

    SearchDomino.com readers say that metrics measuring Domino server crashes are useful only when tied to the server platform -- and then give real-world examples. 

  • IBM driving efficiency for cars

    IBM's research division unveiled new software that helps workers in the automotive industry search for structured and unstructured data stored on anything from corporate databases to personal computers, discover trends and improve warranty coverage. 

  • New and Notesworthy: August 2005

    This month's roundup of Domino-related product releases includes a database audit log, an updated content integrator, BlackBerry support for the Notes workflow and more. 

  • IBM gets ready to pull the plug on OS/2

    Touted at one time as "better Windows than Windows," IBM's long-in-the-tooth desktop operating system is about to reach the end of the line. 

  • New and Notesworthy: June 2005

    In this month's roundup of Notes/Domino news, developers gain two education options and quality management software. Administrators, on the other hand, get a way to monitor replicating Notes databases and a double-the-money-back guarantee on an e-mai... 

  • At Admin2005, it was all about control

    At last week's Admin2005 show in Boston, the thing SearchDomino heard over and over again was that administrators need control over what users do. 

  • Adobe acquires Macromedia

    Undoubtedly, the merged Adobe-Macromedia monolith will be able to bring an impressive array of technology to bear on the problems that face people trying to create content for nearly any medium. 

  • DB2, Web services support due in Lotus Notes/Domino

    Scheduled to ship in the first half of this year, the latest Lotus Notes Domino release improves the Web services enablement of Domino applications and supports use of DB2 as a data store. 

  • Quick Takes: Business partner announcements at Lotusphere


About Lotus Notes Domino Database Management

Lotus Notes Domino stores information in databases with .nsf, .ndk, .ntf and .box extensions. Some commonly known Notes Storage Facility (NSF) database files include names.nsf, admin4.nsf, certlog.nsf, events4.nsf, log.nsf, statrep.nsf and mail.box. It is important to maintain the consistency of database files for backup, recovery and data integrity purposes. These tips and tutorials explain Lotus Notes Domino database architecture and configuration, and offer database management best practices that will optimize system performance and reliability.