Web Development for Lotus Notes Domino

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  • Ajax Learning Guide

    Chances are, you've been doing JavaScript and XML developer work in Lotus Domino for quite some time. This old/new approach is causing quite a stir in developer circles and now rates an official name -- Ajax or 'Asynchronous JavaScript and XML..' Th... 

  • Eclipse Learning Guide

    Leaning toward open source? Then check out the language-neutral Eclipse development platform featuring an extensible plug-in based framework. This learning guide is brimming with helpful pointers to get you started quickly. 

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  • RSS Learning Guide

    This Learning Guide provides a handy reference to general RSS information and specific Websphere RSS and Domino RSS information on server-side issues. 

  • IBM rallies behind SOA flag

    Big Blue executives announce new services fabric and SOA registry/repository for WebSphere along with new BPM offerings. 

  • App security defense in depth: Strategies to lock down your Web apps

    Most organizations have deployed a layered approach to tackling security at the infrastructure level, but now experts say it's time to apply that approach to Web applications. 

  • Ajax and Ruby do Vegas

    With Java growing ever more complex and Ajax still unsteady, programmers at The ServerSide Java Symposium espoused the utility of Ruby on Rails. 

  • Yahoo! unveils Ajax Web services

    Leveraging its 2004 acquistion of Oddpost Inc., Yahoo! has released four new Ajax-based Web services APIs. 

  • Tibco sets its Ajax free

    Tibco's latest version of its General Interface Ajax and rich Internet application studio software will be available for a free license for public deployments, keeping in step with the hot, but inexpensive Ajax market. 

  • Ajax hype vs. reality

    Ajax is a powerful rich Internet application technology, but Burton Group cautions against overkill and notes that tools and frameworks for using it are nascent. 

  • Web services, AJAX loom for developers

    The rise of Web services marks a shift in focus to AJAX and client-side development. Microsoft and others will make sure developers don't have to brush up on JavaScript or abandon their server-side know-how. 

  • AJAX may clean Microsoft Office's clock

    AJAX may bode ill for Microsoft's flagship Office suite. The threat comes about because AJAX, a set of Web development tools that speed up web apps by summoning snippets of data as needed instead of pulling entire Web pages over and over, could allow... 

  • AJAX gives software a fresh look

    Over the years, desktop applications tied to a specific operating system have become entrenched as the main way to work on a computer. AJAX, a set of development techniques standardized over the past eight years, could change all that by bringing mor... 

  • XML taking over today's apps, with tomorrow's in sight

    XML is now the foundation of most every Web service and service-oriented architecture. But with a network player, a chip maker and a software giant all heading in the same direction, it's hard to see where exactly the XML market is going. 

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About Web Development for Lotus Notes Domino

Whether you're coding in HTML, LotusScript, JavaScript, Java, Ajax or something other programming language, Web applications are a ubiquitous element of Lotus Notes Domino development. Creating Lotus Notes and Domino Web forms, customizing headers and views, building Web agents, making dropdown lists and radio buttons, and sharing documents are all common components of Lotus Notes Domino Web development. Find out how to achieve those tasks and many others from these tips and tutorials.