XML and Web Services for Lotus Notes Domino

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  • Ajax hype vs. reality

    Ajax is a powerful rich Internet application technology, but Burton Group cautions against overkill and notes that tools and frameworks for using it are nascent. 

  • IBM unleashes its XML-handling Viper database

    Yesterday IBM made available an open beta of Viper, a native XML and relational data version of its DB2 database. Its XML handling capabilities allows users to retain the hierarchical, searchable form of XML, Big Blue officials said. 

  • Tech stalwarts eye XML hardware

    With its purchase of DataPower, IBM recently entered the world of hardware-accelerated XML packet analysis. Customers will soon face multiple alternatives for intercepting XML, as Cisco and Intel are also on the trail of such packet analysis. 

  • AJAX may clean Microsoft Office's clock

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  • Support for AJAX development rising

    Looking to enrich user experiences with Web applications, vendors are increasingly turning to Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Even Sun and Microsoft are in on the action. 

  • IBM gets XML muscle with DataPower acquisition

    IBM has brought a hardware component into its SOA portfolio with the purchase of DataPower Technology Inc., a maker of XML and Web services infrastructure technology. 

  • No need for 3D glasses: Dassault viewer works with IBM Lotus Notes

    IBM and Dassault Systemes have integrated IBM Lotus Notes and Dassault Systemes 3D XML technology. An upcoming release of the 3D XML Player will fully support Notes, according to the companies. 

  • IBM, Dassault integrate 3D XML technologies with Lotus

    IBM and French firm Dassault Systemes will integrate IBM Lotus Notes and Dassault Systemes 3D XML technology, to be delivered with the next release version of 3D XML Player fully supporting Lotus Notes. The 3D XML Player for Lotus Notes lets users en... 

  • MS Office 12 to have ability to save as PDF

    After watching end users use a variety of third-party applications to save Office files in PDF format, Microsoft announced it will offer "save as PDF" functionality in Office 12. Users will also be able to save in Open XML format. 

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About XML and Web Services for Lotus Notes Domino

Because the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Web services are such an omnipresent part of the Internet, Lotus Notes Domino developers must understand how to code Web applications to work with them. Discover tips, tutorials and code that will help you develop Lotus Notes Domino applications that take advantage of XML and Web services.