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  • Get the skinny on zero clients vs. thin clients

    Thin clients used to be the thinnest, but now zero clients are giving them a run for their money with almost no storage or configuration requirements.

  • Zero-client computing

    The zero-client computing e-book series delves into essential aspects of how virtual desktop services can be provided with as little configuration as possible. Many vendors sell zero clients that do not in fact...

  • Top options for buying thin client hardware

    There are a lot of options out there for thin client hardware, so get to know a few popular choices that might suit your VDI environment.

  • Why should you deploy thin client devices?

    Thin client devices can provide a lot of benefits in virtualization environments, but make sure you have the staff to support them.

  • What is a UC client?

    What do vendors mean when they refer to a UC client? Learn what a UC client is and how it is used.

  • Making thin client performance priority No. 1

    Thin client performance is the key to a successful endpoint because it's the issue that most affects your end users.

  • The ins and outs of a good HTML5 client

    HTML5 clients can vary significantly from one to another based on how they deliver graphics as well as browser performance and plug-ins.

  • KPMG launches Digital Innovation Network to introduce clients to startups

    Consultancy KPMG has launched a Digital Innovation Network to connect early-stage startup companies with its clients

  • How to tell if you're using a zero client

    If your device uses a configuration server, it might be a zero client. But it might not. Here’s how to find out.

  • Selecting the right thin client devices prevents years of regret

    Don't spend years of your life kicking yourself for choosing the wrong thin client. Learn how to select the right thin client devices.

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