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  • Your LotusScript questions answered

    Our Notes/Domino development expert answers questions from our readers on how to use LotusScript to remove attachments and delete documents.

  • LotusScript sorts lists alphabetically

    There are a lot of things you can accomplish using the List data type in Lotus Notes. But it doesn't allow you to sort objects alphabetically. This LotusScript code will do the trick.

  • LotusScript agent moves new mail to folder

    Use this LotusScript agent in a Lotus Notes mail-in database to move new mail to a specified folder.

  • LotusScript agent parses ACL to Microsoft Notepad

    After modifying a database, emailing large groups of users about the update can be a nuisance. This LotusScript agent will help you efficiently keep users abreast of database changes.

  • LotusScript

    LotusScript is a script language for use in a Lotus Notes client program or as a scheduled agent within a Domino server program. It can be compared to JavaScript, the script language for use in a Web page. (Continued...)

  • Search Microsoft Active Directory with LotusScript

    Since many companies use both Lotus Notes and Microsoft, having the ability to search Active Directory from a Lotus Notes view can be helpful. This LotusScript searches AD without having to rely on a third-party driver.

  • LotusScript creates drag and drop interface in Lotus Notes client

    Using this LotusScript, you can create a drag and drop interface that you can implement in your users' Lotus Notes clients, allowing them to move documents from one view to another.

  • Troubleshoot agents by displaying LotusScript variables online

    If your Web users are triggering agents, you may want to find out what's going on. Apply this LotusScript to display and easily troubleshoot triggered agent variables. Learn all the steps.

  • LotusScript code rebuilds corrupted busytime.nsf file

    The Notes/Domino busytime.nsf file can become corrupted, causing the Resource Reservations database to fail to work properly. For example, resources may appear as unavailable when they are available.

    By placing this LotusScript code in an agent...

  • LotusScript agent automates selective mail file replication

    You can use selective replication to replicate sets of documents in a Notes/Domino database. But what if you need to replicate several Notes/Domino databases? Get the steps and LotusScript agent to set a replication formula for...

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