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  • Performance metrics examples present essential performance data

    Software project management expert Matt Heusser presents performance metrics examples that illustrate how to build an excellent performance dashboard.

  • French performance undermines Computacenter Q1

    Decent numbers from the UK and a stable performance in Germany have not been matched by the French operation for Computacenter

  • application performance monitoring (APM)

    Application performance monitoring, also called app monitoring, is an area of information technology (IT) that focuses on making sure software application programs perform as expected. The goal of...

  • cloud application performance management (CAPM)

    Cloud application performance management (CAPM) is the monitoring of resources that support application program performance in private and hybrid cloud environments.

  • BAFTA nominates cloud to boost web performance

    When the star-studded British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA) awards are screened on TV, the academy's website receives five times more traffic than usual. Consequently, it has become increasingly difficult for BAFTA to keep its web shows...

  • Employ application performance management, have happy customers

    Application performance management is getting more complicated. The same goes for enterprise applications. When just a single dissatisfied -- and vocal -- customer can dictate the rise and fall of an organization, it's high time...

  • Microsoft Windows Performance Monitor

    The Microsoft Windows Performance Monitor is a tool that admins can use to examine how programs running on their computers affect their performance.

  • Sluggish hardware performance hurts IBM

    IBM bosses will sacrifice their bonuses and more staff will face the chop as the vendor reacts to results that showed a 5% drop in revenue and a 11% fall in pre tax income.

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  • FAQ: Testing mobile app performance

    Mobile app performance testing comes with unique challenges. Associate site editor Caroline de Lacvivier answers some FAQs to help you get started.

  • Does SQL Server database size affect performance?

    Of course SQL Server database size matters, but there are steps DBAs and IT managers can take to mitigate growing data and maintain good performance.

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