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  • Sametime

    Sametime is software from Lotus for group collaboration over the Internet.

  • Beginner's guide to Lotus Sametime 8.5

    The installation architecture of Lotus Sametime 8.5 can be a lot more straightforward than its documentation lets on. Find out how to simplify the setup in this expert tip.

  • Secure and seamless integration of iNotes, Sametime and Quickr

    Use these instructions to set up a seamless and secure integration of iNotes, Quickr and Sametime. Doing so allows users to sign onto any of the three servers and navigate to the others without logging in again.

  • Sametime sounds

    I'm running Lotus 6.5 with integrated Sametime messaging. Every time I receive a Sametime response I hear a sound. I cannot figure out how to shut it off. I have the stand alone Sametime client too.
    This configuration...

  • Sametime licenses

    If I already have Domino/Notes 6.5.1 environment installed, and I only want to use Instant Messaging capabilities, not Web conferencing or instant meetings, do I need to purchase any Sametime licenses?
    With the...

  • Configuring Lotus Sametime on a Blackberry mobile device

    Discover the steps to configure Lotus Sametime on a BlackBerry mobile device when running software versions 4.2 or earlier through version 4.3 and later.

  • Name changes in Sametime

    How do you currently handle name changes in Sametime? I am aware of the Sametime Name Conversion Utility, but the Sametime server has to be down in order to run the utility each time, which is not acceptable just for a name...

  • Saving and archiving Lotus Sametime Web conferences's Sametime administration expert Mathew Newman explains how to use Lotus Sametime's native functionality for saving and archiving Sametime Web conferences. He also briefly discusses...

  • Sametime meeting recording

    Recordings of meetings seem to be prone to problems, especially with audio and video. Checking with other Sametime users, we have heard that no one uses the audio/video recording features. Is this a real problem with the...

  • Sametime all the time

    Instant messaging gained its early momentum in high schools and colleges, but it has quickly become a central component in corporate collaboration strategies.

    Lotus instant messaging was an early entrant in the IM fray. Now, under the name...

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