2 Methods for Referencing (Including) External JavaScript Files in Domino

Ever wonder how you could reference your JS files, without having to constantly copy and paste or use subforms?...

Here's 2 simple ways to do it! PLACEMENT OF THE SCRIPT FILE:

Option 1) Using a Page or Form:
-Paste your JS into a form or page.
-Exclude the script tags.
-Include commetns as "'s" as usual.
-Select the form/page property "Treat conetents as HTML"
-Name it whatever you like, I recommend you use a simple alias.

Option 2) Using Image Resource
-Create a new Image Resource, and select your script file.
-Name it by typing the extension manually. (i.e. menuScript.js )

(Each option has its perks. If you're using the same script for multiple files, Image Resource would be best so you don't have to modify the same code in multiple places. If the code is just for this app, use a page/form, so you can quickly modify the code.)


On a page or form, include the follwing code as pass-thru HTML:

<script language="javascript">
document.write("<SCRIPT LANGUAGE='JavaScript' SRC='aliasForYourScriptPage?OpenPage'></SCRIPT>");

If you created the script on a form, you would use '?OpenForm'. Likewise, '?OpenImageResource' for an Image Resource.

I recommend including this code on the top of the page/form. Even though, depending upon the script, it could be placed anywhere on the page.

You can also easily reference CSS files. See my other tip:
2 Methods for Referencing (Including) CSS Files in Domino

This was first published in January 2001

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