A Fix For Lotus' Archive Utility In Stdmail

A Fix for Lotus' Archive Utility in StdMail (version 4.5x and 4.6x compliant) - this script change will allow you...

to Archive Messages and put them in the same folder that they were in in the original working mail file. If the folder does not already exist in the archive, the script will create it on the fly (PutInFolder method). Add this script to the 2 Archive Agents (1 is manual, the other is scheduled) to save doc in correct folder. To use the following code in the Periodic Archive Agent, change note to docSource and newnote to docArchive. Put this code in the Archive Document EVENT of the Arichve Selected docs Agent. 'put archived doc in folder from which it came Dim parentView As NotesView Set parentView = note.ParentView If parentView.IsFolder Then Call newnote.PutInFolder( parentView.Name ) End If A revised code for this tips is as follows: ---------------------------------------------------------- The Periodic Archive Agent will not find the ParentView, given that the documents to be archived are gathered using a NotesDocumentCollection rather than picked up from the View or Folder that the document resides in.? I wrote some code that will gather the docs based upon their View, rather than 1 big lump of documents using the AllDocuments property.? It involves making changes to 2 Events - ProcessDocuments and ArchiveDocuments in the Periodic Archive Agent: Sub ProcessDocuments ???? 'get a handle to all Views in the database ???? Dim docNext As Notesdocument ? ???? Forall x In dbSource.Views ? ? ????????? 'skip these views - they'll make redundant entries ????????? If x.Name <> "($All)"?? And? x.Name <> "Discussion Threads"?? And? x.Name <> "_Archiving"_ ????????? And x.Name <> "($Meetings)"??? And x.Name <> "($POP3)" And x.Name <> "($FolderInfo)"? And x.Name <> "($VIM100)" And x.Name <> "($VIM23)" _ ????????? And x.Name <> "($VIM256)" And x.Name <> "($VIM42)" And x.Name <> "($VIM98)" Then ? ?????????????? Set docSource = x.GetFirstDocument( ) ? ? ????????????? 'get a handle to all docs in this view ?????????????? While Not (docSource Is Nothing) ? ??????????????????? 'Next ??????????????????? Set docNext = x.GetNextDocument( docSource ) ? ?????????????????? 'see if this document can be archived ??????????????????? EvaluateDocument ??????????????????? If DocCanBeArchived Then ???????????????????????? 'archive this document ???????????????????????? ArchiveDocument ? ???????????????????????? If ArchiveLog = "Yes" Then AddDocumentToLog ???????????????????????? docSource.Remove True ??????????????????? End If ? ??????????????????? 'see if we have hit the maximum number of entries in a log document; if so close the existing one and create a new one ??????????????????? If (numDocsArchived Mod MAXARCHIVEITEMS = 0) And (numDocsArchived > 0) Then ???????????????????????? If ArchiveLog = "Yes" Then ????????????????????????????? CloseLogDocument ????????????????????????????? CreateLogDocument ???????????????????????? End If ??????????????????? End If ? ??????????????????? Set docSource = docNext ? ?????????????? Wend ????????? End If ? ???? End Forall ? ???? 'we are done processing all of the documents, close the last log document (if necessary) ???? If ArchiveLog = "Yes" Then CloseLogDocument End Sub ? ? ? ? Sub ArchiveDocument ???? 'copies the source document into the archive database %REM $Archived and DateArchived might already be present, if this agent failed the last time it was run.? None of these fields should be on the archived copy, because we don't want the archive database to inadvertantly archive these documents (it can archive, but it needs to use its own criteria) %END REM ? ???? If docSource.HasItem("$Archived") Then docSource.RemoveItem("$Archived") ???? If docSource.HasItem("DateArchived") Then docSource.RemoveItem("DateArchived") ???? If docSource.HasItem("ExpireDate") Then docSource.RemoveItem("ExpireDate") ???? FixReaderNames ???? docSource.Save True, True ???? Set docArchive = docSource.CopyToDatabase(dbArchive) ? ? ???? 'put archived doc in folder from which it came ???? Dim parentView As NotesView ???? Set parentView = docSource.ParentView ? ???? If parentView.IsFolder Then ????????? Call docArchive.PutInFolder( parentView.Name ) ???? End If ? ???? docSource.DateArchived = dtNow.LSLocalTime ???? Call docSource.Appe

This was first published in November 2000

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