Adding Groups To Acl

Generally, Administrators need to add certain Groups in the ACL of all the databases especially mail files. This...

might be a handy tool for them. This script can be modified to handle other access levels.. for e.g. adding Termination Group to all databases with no access. %REM Adding group to ACL as manager in all the databases in a given directory %END REM Sub Click(Source As Button) Dim dbdir As New NotesDbDirectory("") Dim db As NotesDatabase Dim acl As NotesACL Dim entry As NotesACLEntry Set db = dbdir.GetFirstDatabase(DATABASE) pathtogo = Inputbox$("Please specify full path ","Specify Path of databases", "d:\notes\data\mail") While Not(db Is Nothing) If Not ( db.IsOpen ) Then Call db.Open( "", "" ) End If Set acl = db.ACL pathofdb = db.filepath If pathtogo="" Then Exit Sub leng= Len(Cstr(pathtogo)) ckeckstr = Left(pathofdb,leng) If ckeckstr=pathtogo Then Print "Please wait ..Adding Admin to " & pathofdb Set entry = New NotesACLEntry( acl, "Admin", ACLLEVEL_MANAGER ) Call acl.Save End If Set db = dbdir.GetNextDatabase Wend End Sub

This was first published in November 2000
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