Age Computation

This function takes two inputs: a string representation of the date of birth and the uidoc where the field is located....

In this example, age is the name of the target field. The function does return an integer value, so it can be accessed readily through the following call: age = getage(dob$, uidoc) To use the code, just paste it in after the End Sub line of the calling script, or tailor as you wish through script libraries. If you have questions or problems, please feel free to contact me. Function getage(temp_dob As String, uidoc As notesuidocument) As Integer Dim message As String Dim timenow As Variant Dim dyear As Integer, nyear As Integer, dmonth As Integer, nmonth As Integer, dday As Integer, nday As Integer Dim age As Integer 'initialize values Dim dob As Variant dob = Datevalue(temp_dob) timenow = Date dyear = Year(dob) nyear = Year(timenow) dmonth = Month(dob) nmonth = Month(timenow) dday = Day(dob) nday = Day(timenow) If nmonth > dmonth Then age = nyear - dyear Elseif nmonth < dmonth Then age = nyear - dyear - 1 Elseif nmonth = dmonth Then If nday > dday Then age = nyear - dyear Elseif nday < dday Then age = nyear - dyear - 1 Elseif dday = nday Then age = nyear - dyear End If Else message = "Unable to compute the person's age. Please enter it below." age = Cint(Inputbox(message)) End If Call uidoc.fieldsettext("Age",Cstr(age)) 'doc.Age = Cstr(age) 'Call, True) getage = Cint(age) End Function

This was first published in November 2000

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