Assign Trouble Ticket

This is something you will get back for sure in every help desk alike or TS/CS application. This solution works fine and doesn't need any further code. It generates a Troubleticket code (part of your name and follow-up number) uses profile document feature This relies on unique 3 initials Update number here rather than when saving to avoid duplicates Handle new person with no Profile Doc correctly Example output : STE-23 env := @GetProfileField("Personal...

Profile";"RequestNumber";@UserName); number := @If(env = ""; "0";env); @If( !@IsError(@TextToNumber(env)); @SetProfileField("Personal Profile";"RequestNumber";@Text(@TextToNumber(number) + 1);@UserName); @Do( @SetProfileField("Personal Profile";"RequestNumber";"1";@UserName); @Set(number;"0")) ); prefix := @GetProfileField("Personal Profile";"RequestNumberPrefix";@UserName); @If(prefix=""; @Do( @Set("prefix"; @UpperCase(@Left(@Name([CN]; @V3UserName); 1)) + @UpperCase(@Left(@RightBack(@Name([CN]; @V3UserName); " "); 3))); @SetProfileField("Personal Profile";"RequestNumberPrefix";prefix;@UserName) ); ""); prefix + "-" + @Text(@TextToNumber(number) + 1)

This was first published in November 2000

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