Background Color On Documents

Everybody knows that you can play with the background color of forms, and also that individual documents can be...

assigned a background color (or even background graphics). Just enter a document in edit mode, choose Document Properties, and use the Background-tab. This is a little fun. What's a lot of fun is what you can do this in code. The whole secret is the field $PaperColor. This is a number field which holds the integer value for the color that is to be used for the background. The possible values can be deducted from a standard Notes color picker. Just count left to right and top to bottom, starting with zero (0=black, 1=white, 2=red, 3=green, 4=blue etc.) and skipping the first two lines (the standard 16-color palette). Every row starts with a multiple of 16 (0, 16, 32 etc.) With this knowledge you can indicate the status of documents, e.g. customers who don't pay their bills show up in heavy red, approved documents get a green background etc. And when the indicator is no longer needed, you can remove it and let the form default take over. As with most things Notes-like there is a small problem. You can't change the field in QuerySave. (I think it's got something to do with the sequence a document follows backend when it is saved.) You have to do all dynamic changes in QueryClose, which means you'll have to set a global flag indicating whether the document has been saved. See the example in the code below. Oh, and the code contains another neat trick: $-fields *can* be referenced by extended syntax. Just place a ~ (tilde) before the $-sign and everything is OK. (Declarations, Globals) Dim GlobalSaveFlag as Integer QuerySave: GlobalSaveFlag = Continue ' So that if anything else modifies ' Continue, it is detected. End Sub QueryClose: If GlobalSaveFlag Then ' Remove? Call document.RemoveItem("$PaperColor") ' Change? document.~$PaperColor = ... ' Whatever End If End Sub

This was first published in November 2000

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