Check Internet password with JavaScript

This tip describes how to check Internet passwords with JavaScript.

We allow our web users to change their internet password, but to avoid a passerby of a logged in browser to use the feature, the current password must be entered. Here's how....

The form has three editable fields - oldPassword, newPassword, newPassword2 (for typing confirmation). The new password and the confirmation are compared by JavaScript, client side. The following is a code segment of an agent launched by a button. The key is using the @Function @Password to encrypt the oldPassword for comparison to the HTTPPassword item value in the Person Document.

Set personDocument = personView.
 If Not personDocument Is Nothing Then
  If UserProfileDoc.FirstLoginFlag(0) = "1" 
Then 'if not first login required password 
change, check old passsword 
   Dim oldPass
   oldPass = Evaluate("@Password
(oldPassword)", webDoc)
   If persondocument.HTTPPassword(0) 
<> oldpass(0) Then
    alert = |window.alert("Old Password for
 CQMi account | & webDoc.Remote_User(0) 
& | Invalid..")|
    Print alert
    Print "window.history.back()"
    Print "</SCRIPT>" 
    Exit Sub
   End If
  End If
  persondocument.HTTPPassword = 
  Call persondocument.ComputeWithForm
( False, False )
  persondocument.Save False, True 
  alert = |window.alert("Password for 
CQMi account | & webDoc.Remote_User(0) 
& | changed...")|
This was first published in January 2003

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