Check for dial-in users

Check to see if a user has connected via dial up networking. Uses a Windows call so it checks to see if the user is a Windows client first.

'Declaration: Declare Function FindWindow Lib "user32" Alias "FindWindowA" (Byval ClassName As Any, Byval WindowName As Any) As Long

'Function: Function GetDialUpHandle As String

    Const ClassName = "#32770"     Const WindowName = "Connected to Dial MyCompany"     GetDialUpHandle = Cstr(FindWindow(ClassName, WindowName) )

End Function

'Script Code to check if a Windows user is dialed in: 'Check if it's a Windows user first; this won't work on a Mac     Dim ClientPlatform As String     ClientPlatform = Session.Platform


If Left$(ClientPlatform, 3) = "Win" Then         Dim Handle As String         Handle = GetDialUpHandle()


If Not Handle = "0" Then                 'The user is dialed in, do something...            ...         End If     End If

This was last published in May 2001

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