Class to access query string

a general class to access the variables from query string

A general class to access the variables from query string.

 Class QueryString Private sQS As String Sub New(sQueryString As String) Dim iCount As Integer iCount = 1 While iCount <= Len(sQueryString) If Mid$(sQueryString, iCount, 3) = "%20" Then sQS = sQS + " " iCount = iCount + 3 Elseif Mid$(sQueryString, iCount, 4) = "%34" Then sQS = sQS + Chr$(34) iCount = iCount + 3 Elseif Mid$(sQueryString, iCount, 4) = "%39" Then sQS = sQS + Chr$(39) iCount = iCount + 3 Else sQS = sQS + Mid$(sQueryString, iCount, 1) iCount = iCount + 1 End If Wend End Sub Function GetParameter(sParam As String) As String Dim sTmp As String Dim iPos As Integer Dim iCount As Integer sTmp = "" sParam = Lcase$(Trim$(sParam)) iPos = Instr(1, Lcase$(sQS), sParam) If iPos > 0 Then iCount = iPos + Len(sParam) + 1 While (iCount <= Len(sQS)) And (Mid$(sQS, iCount, 1) <> "&") sTmp = sTmp + Mid$(sQS, iCount, 1) iCount = iCount + 1 Wend End If sTmp = Trim$(sTmp) GetParameter = sTmp End Function End Class **** now in ur code do Dim oQS As QueryString Dim oSessionDoc As NotesDocument Dim sFilterMaterial as string Set oSessionDoc = Session.DocumentContext Set oQS = New QueryString(oSessionDoc.QUERY_STRING(0)) sFilterMaterial = Ucase$(oQS.GetParameter("FilterMaterial"))
This was first published in December 2001
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