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Does your company require that you log everything in Notes? My company does. I find it tedious to follow up with...

logging of entries that originate via Email. Emails that contain design decisions, project approvals, etc. must all be logged for our customers. I wrote an agent which allows our users to select one or more documents (related to a specific customer) from their mail file and convert it into a basic rich text response document (that we call a miscellaneous activity) to that customer's profile in our customer tracking database. It supports remote users that are using local database replicas as well. With a click of a button, important Emails are logged! It is comprised of two parts: a formula-based agent which may be added to the mail file actions menu/button bar(s) and a LotusScript agent that is invoked from the first agent. The formula-based agent provides a list of available customers (profiles) from the target database into which the misc document(s) will be stored. Once the customer is selected, a new document (misc activity) will be created as a response to that customer's profile for each selected Email. custList := @DbColumn("": "NoCache"; "852560DE:006C7C79" ;"(CustSort)";1); @SetEnvironment("Customer"; @Prompt([OKCANCELLIST];"Customer Profiles";"Choose the customer for which ALL selected memos will be converted to Misc Activities. Press Cancel if the selected memos are not associated with the SAME customer profile."; ""; custList)); @Command([ToolsRunMacro];"(CustTrackingEntry)"); The LotusScript agent is invoked after the appropriate customer is selected. The new document identifies the author and recipients of the Email, the subject, and date. The body of the Email (attachments, doclinks, etc.) is copied into the body of the new document and the document is saved in the customer database. If run locally, an alert is displayed to remind the user to replicate the target database. 'CustTrackingEntry: 'CustTrackingEntry: Option Public Option Declare Sub Initialize Dim s As New NotesSession Dim curDB As NotesDatabase Dim db As New NotesDatabase("", "") Dim view As NotesView Dim customerProfile As NotesDocument Dim mailFile As NotesDatabase Dim memos As NotesDocumentCollection Dim memo As NotesDocument Dim miscActivity As NotesDocument Dim rtitem As NotesRichTextItem Dim memoBody As Variant ' NotesRichTextItem Dim docAuthor As NotesName Dim recipient As NotesName Dim recipientName As NotesName Dim companyName As String Dim n As Integer Dim count As Integer Dim server As String Dim serverName As String Dim recipientList As String Dim listLength As Integer Dim resp% companyName = s.GetEnvironmentString("Customer") If companyName = "" Then Messagebox "You must select a customer profile under which to create the new Misc Activity." Goto FINISH End If Set curDB = s.CurrentDatabase server = curDB.Server If server = "" Then serverName = "Local" If db.OpenByReplicaID( server, "852560DE006C7C79" ) Then Set view = db.GetView("(CustSort)") Set customerProfile = view.GetDocumentByKey( companyName ) If Not customerProfile Is Nothing Then Set mailFile = s.CurrentDatabase Set memos = mailFile.UnprocessedDocuments count = memos.Count For n = 1 To count recipientList = "" Set memo = memos.GetNthDocument( n ) Set miscActivity = New NotesDocument(db) miscActivity.Form = "Misc" Call miscActivity.MakeResponse(customerProfile) Set docAuthor = New NotesName(memo.From(0)) miscActivity.DocAuthor = docAuthor.Common miscActivity.ComposeDate = Format$(memo.Created, "mm-dd-yy") If memo.PostedDate(0) = "" Then miscActivity.ActivityDate = Format$(memo.Created, "mm-dd-yy") Else miscActivity.ActivityDate = Format$(memo.PostedDate(0), "mm-dd-yy") End If miscActivity.CompanyName = companyName Set recipient = New NotesName(memo.SendTo(0)) miscActivity.Subject = "Email to " & recipient.Common & " RE: " & memo.Subject(0) Set rtitem = New NotesRichTextItem( miscActivity, "Body" ) Set memoBody = memo.GetFirstItem( "Body" ) ' memo.CreateRichTextItem("Body")

This was first published in November 2000
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