Copy Complete Acl

Copy all entries and roles from the ACL of one database to the ACL of another. Has to be a time saver! Option Public...

Option Declare Declare Function NEMGetFile Lib "nnotesws" ( wUnk As Integer, Byval szFileName As String, Byval szFilter As String, Byval szTitle As String ) As Integer Sub Initialize 'This Agent will refresh the design on all specified databases and verify the ACL is configured correctly. Dim SrcDB As NotesDatabase Dim DestDB As NotesDatabase Dim SrcDBName As String Dim DestDBName As String Dim done As Variant SrcDBName = getFileName ("Select Source Database") If SrcDBName = "" Then Done = True If Not Done Then DestDBName = getFileName ("Select Destination Database") If DestDBName = "" Then Done = True If Not Done Then Set SrcDB = New NotesDatabase("",SrcDBName) Set DestDB = New NotesDatabase("",DestDBName) If SrcDB.Title = "" Or DestDB.Title = "" Then Messagebox "Could not get one of the DBs" Else ConfirmACL SrcDB,DestDB End If End If End If End Sub Sub ConfirmACL(SrcDB As NotesDatabase, DestDB As NotesDatabase) Dim SrcACL As NotesACL Dim DestACL As NotesACL Dim Entry As NotesACLEntry Dim NEntry As NotesACLEntry Dim Roles As Variant Dim TRoles As Variant Dim Found As Variant Dim I As Integer, J As Integer Set SrcACL = SrcDB.ACL Set DestACL = DestDB.ACL SyncACLRoles SrcACL,DestACL Set Entry = SrcACL.GetFirstEntry While Not Entry Is Nothing Set NEntry = DestACL.CreateACLEntry(Entry.Name, Entry.Level) NEntry.CanCreateDocuments = Entry.CanCreateDocuments NEntry.CanCreatePersonalAgent = Entry.CanCreatePersonalAgent NEntry.CanCreatePersonalFolder = Entry.CanCreatePersonalFolder NEntry.CanDeleteDocuments = Entry.CanDeleteDocuments NEntry.IsPublicReader = Entry.IsPublicReader NEntry.IsPublicWriter = Entry.IsPublicWriter SyncEntryRoles NEntry, Entry, DestACL Set Entry = SrcACL.GetNextEntry(Entry) Wend DestACL.Save End Sub Sub SyncACLRoles(SrcACL As NotesACL, DestACL As NotesACL) Dim Roles As Variant Dim TRoles As Variant Dim Found As Variant Dim i As Integer, j As Integer Roles = DestACL.Roles TRoles = SrcACL.Roles For i = 0 To Ubound(TRoles) If TRoles(i) <> "" Then Found = False For j = 0 To Ubound(Roles) If Roles(j) <> "" Then If TRoles(i) = Roles(j) Then found = True Exit For End If End If Next j If Not Found Then DestACL.AddRole Mid$(TRoles(i),2,Len(TRoles(i))-2) End If End If Next i DestACL.Save End Sub Sub SyncEntryRoles(NEntry As NotesACLEntry, Entry As NotesACLEntry, ACL As NotesACL) Dim ACLRoles As Variant Dim TRoles As Variant Dim i As Integer, j As Integer ACLRoles = ACL.Roles TRoles = Entry.Roles For i = 0 To Ubound(ACLRoles) If ACLRoles(i) <> "" Then For j = 0 To Ubound(TRoles) If TRoles(j) <> "" Then If ACLRoles(i) = TRoles(j) Then NEntry.EnableRole Mid$(ACLRoles(i),2,Len(ACLRoles(i))-2) Exit For Else NEntry.DisableRole Mid$(ACLRoles(i),2,Len(ACLRoles(i))-2) End If End If Next End If Next End Sub<WHA

This was first published in November 2000
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