Create Random Numbers

This Script will create 10 numbers, which will be put into a Array. All numbers will be all different to the ones before.


 'Create Array Dim VarArray(0 To 9) As String i=0 Randomize 'Get First Number VarArray(i) = Int((Rnd()) * 100) 'Rnd() gets numbers like 0.23, 0.47, 0.90... so that the nextNumber would look like: 23, 47, 90.... %REM 'In Notes 4. ... you may have to use this: (Sometimes my Notes hang up by the other Code!) newNumber = Int((Rnd())*100) VarArray(vai) = newNumber %END REM i=i+1 Do While i < 10 'Get Next Number (Take other Code in Notes 4. nextNumber = Int((Rnd()) * 100) 'This will only function in R5 'Check if Number is already in Array Indexresult = Arraygetindex(VarArray,neueZahl) If Isnull (Indexresult) = True Then 'Put Number in Array VarArray(i) = nextNumber i=i+1 End If %REM 'For the use in Notes 4. ... take this code: 'Put Number in Array VarArray(vai) = nextNumber i=i+1 %END REM Loop
This was last published in March 2001

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