Creating A Search Agent To Search The Internet

Sub Initialize '-- For each Query document selected by the Agent : '-- This script will perform searches of Yahoo!'s...

site. '-- Get unprocessed document collection from Current Database Dim Session As New NotesSession Dim currentdb As NotesDatabase Set currentdb = Session.CurrentDatabase Dim webdoc As NotesDocument Dim unprocessed As NotesDocumentCollection Set unprocessed = currentdb.unprocesseddocuments '-- Iterate through collection Dim doc As NotesDocument Set doc = unprocessed.getfirstdocument Do While Not (doc Is Nothing) '-- Process Yahoo Documents Only If doc.form(0) = "Yahoo Search" Then '-- Get the search string from the document Dim YahooQuery As String YahooQuery = doc.QueryText(0) '-- Yahoo! uses the plus character as the "And" operator. '-- Loop through and replace spaces with plus characters. Do While Instr(YahooQuery," ") pos = Instr(YahooQuery," ") YahooQuery = Left$(YahooQuery,pos - 1) + "+" + Right$(YahooQuery, Len(YahooQuery) - pos) Loop '-- Perform the Full Text Search, returning the results u = "" + YahooQuery '- Get the page Set webdoc = currentdb.getdocumentbyurl(u,True) '- Make the new document a response to the query document Call webdoc.MakeResponse(doc) Call,False) End If '-- Label the Query Document Call session.UpdateProcessedDoc(doc) '-- Get next document Set doc = unprocessed.getnextdocument(doc) Loop End Sub

This was first published in November 2000

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