Daily E-Mail Cleanup Agent

This agent will enable the document property "Folder References"* in each mail file. Then it will run through the...

"Inbox", "Sent View", and "All Documents" and remove any document that is over a specified number of days and not in a folder or a repeating calendar entry. It will also log errors and actions to a Mail-in DB. *Folder References must be enabled before the documents are moved to a folder for safe keeping. '"Common" Script Library Option Public Option Explicit %INCLUDE "lsconst.lss" %INCLUDE "lserr.lss" %INCLUDE "lsxbeerr.lss" %INCLUDE "lsxuierr.lss" '************* Folder References Agent 'Options Option Explicit Option Public Use "Common" 'Declarations Dim currentlog As NotesLog Const servername = "Servername/Domain" Const subdir = "Mail\" 'Initialize Sub Initialize Dim dbase As NotesDatabase Dim dbdirectory As New NotesDBDirectory(servername) Set currentlog = New NotesLog("Folder References Agent") Call currentlog.OpenMailLog _ ("Mail Deletion Log", "Folder References Log") Set dbase = dbdirectory.GetFirstDatabase (DATABASE) While Not (dbase Is Nothing) If Instr(dbase.filepath, subdir) Then Call EnableFolderReference (dbase) End If Set dbase = dbdirectory.GetNextDatabase Wend Call currentlog.LogAction ("Folder References Enabled") Call currentlog.Close End Sub 'Function EnableFolderReferences Function EnableFolderReference (dbase As NotesDatabase) On Error Goto ErrHandler Call dbase.Open("","") If(dbase.FolderReferencesEnabled) Then dbase.FolderReferencesEnabled = True Else dbase.FolderReferencesEnabled = True End If ErrHandler: On Error Goto 0 Call currentlog.LogError ( Err, Error$ & " " & dbase.FileName) Exit Function End Function '*******************Mail Deletion Agent 'Options Option Explicit Option Public Use "Common" 'Declarations Dim dbase As NotesDatabase Dim db As NotesDatabase Dim logdb As NotesDatabase Dim inbox As NotesView Dim sentbox As NotesView Dim alldocs As NotesView Dim cutoffdate As NotesDateTime Dim doctocheck As NotesDocument Dim nextdoc As NotesDocument Dim collection As NotesDocumentCollection Dim currentlog As NotesLog Dim deleted As Integer Dim totaldeleted As Long Const daysold = 60 Const servername = "Servername/Domain" Const subdir = "Mail\" 'Initialize Sub Initialize Dim dbdirectory As New NotesDBDirectory (servername) Set currentlog = New NotesLog("E-Mail Deletion Agent") Set dbase = dbdirectory.GetFirstDatabase (DATABASE) Call currentlog.OpenMailLog _ ("Mail Deletion Log", "E-Mail Deletion Log") While Not (dbase Is Nothing) If Instr(dbase.filepath, subdir) Then Call ProcessMailFile (dbase) End If Set dbase = dbdirectory.GetNextDatabase Wend Call currentlog.Close End Sub 'Process Mail File Function Function ProcessMailFile ( indb As notesdatabase) Dim i As Integer, age As Long, docref As Variant, session As New NotesSession deleted = 0 totaldeleted = 0 On Error Goto MailErrHandler Set cutoffdate = New NotesDateTime( "Today" ) Call indb.Open( "", "" ) '*************************************************'* Check Inbox '************************************************* Set inbox = indb.GetView("($Inbox)") Set doctocheck = inbox.GetFirstDocument While Not ( doctocheck Is Nothing ) age = Clng(cutoffdate.lsLocaltime - doctocheck.Created) If (age => daysold) And OkToDelete(doctocheck.form(0)) Then Set nextdoc = inbox.GetNextDocument( doctocheck ) Call doctocheck.remove(True) Set doctocheck = nextdoc deleted = deleted + 1 'Number of documents deleted totaldeleted = totaldeleted + doctocheck.Size Else Set doctocheck = inbox.GetNextDocument( doctocheck ) End If Wend '*************************************************'* Check Sent View '************************************************* Set sentbox = indb.GetView("($Sent)") Set doctocheck = sentbox.GetFirstDocument While Not ( doctocheck Is Nothing ) i = 0 Forall FolderRef In doctocheck.FolderReferences<

This was first published in November 2000

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