Database Organization

Organizing you workspace/bookmarks for efficiency and usability!
Have you ever been frustrated because you have so many different Notes
databases. Some users desktops look like a cluttered mess. I've come up with
a solution that allows users to reduce the number of icone or bookmarks
(databases) they need to access, which in turn allows them to work more

Here is what I did. I took common databases and grouped them according to
commonalities, such as departments, or general use. Then I created new
"Centralized" databases. I buily all of the forms views and agents into it's
own respository (database). i.e. New Centralized database=Human Resources. I
eliminated our vacation time database, Performance Evaluations database, Time
Entry database, Operating Standards, Employee Information database, etc. These
databases were eliminated because I inserted them into the New Human Resources
database. When they were inserted I made a scheme for all forms, views, and
agents, so that I knew what databases they were with. This also made
traversing that multiple databases with one easy. I made folders for all of
the forms and views.

This has allowed users to get all of the information they need in a couple of
databases rather than in many different databases. It also makes data lookups
easier since data resides within the same databases most of the time. Works
great and users like the clean workspace appearance and databases are easier to
find since there are not a ton to look through.

i.e. Forms
Vacation Time\Holiday Time
Vacation Time\Sick Time
Performance Reviews\Management
Performance Reviews\Clerical
Performance Reviews\Hourly

i.e. Views
Vacation Time\All Time
Vacation Time\Holiday Time
Vacation Time\Sick Time
Performance Reviews\All
Performance Reviews\Management
Performance Reviews\Clerical
Performance Reviews\Hourly

Each Form, View, and Agent is protected by Form and View ACL's and Fields not
by the database ACL.
Works great!
This was first published in November 2000

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