Email Database Acl To Yourself

For those with anything less than manager access to a database, and that database Access Control List is too large...

(and thus won't scroll down for such non-managers), this code may be useful. Just change the server and database file name in the first line of code to the server & database you want to grab the ACL info from. Dim db As New NotesDatabase( "NOTES-APPS-KC01P", "accserv\ascal.nsf" ) Dim acl As NotesACL,session As New notessession Dim entry As NotesACLEntry,myLevel As String,t1 As Integer,myFile As String Set acl = db.ACL myFile = "C:\myACL.txt" Open myFile For Output As #1 Set entry = acl.GetFirstEntry Do Until entry Is Nothing t1 = entry.level If t1=6 Then myLevel = "Manager" If t1=5 Then myLevel="Designer" If t1=4 Then myLevel="Editor" If t1=3 Then myLevel = "Author" If t1=2 Then myLevel = "Reader" If t1=1 Then myLevel = "Depositor" If t1=0 Then myLevel = "No Access" Print #1,;Tab(50);myLevel Forall y In entry.roles If y = "" Then Else Print #1," . . . role: " & y End If End Forall Set entry = acl.GetNextEntry(entry) Print #1," " Print #1,"---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------" Print #1," " Loop Close #1 Print "File written to " & myFile REM Compose the Email document and attach the file, save & send Set doc = New NotesDocument( db ) Set rtitem = New NotesRichTextItem( doc, "Body" ) Dim recipients( 1 To 3 ) As String recipients(1) = session.CommonUserName MessageSubject = "ACL List" MessageBody = "Here is the file attachment for an ACL you queried. Right click the file and then click "+Chr$(34)+ "Launch" + Chr$(34) + " to view." doc.Body = MessageBody Set object = rtitem.EmbedObject (EMBED_ATTACHMENT,"",myFile,"Attachment1") doc.Form = "Main Topic" doc.Subject = MessageSubject Call doc.Send( True, recipients ) Call doc.Save(True,True) Print "message sent!" Messagebox "Email Sent!",0,"Email Sent!" REM Now Delete the temp file Kill MyFile Print "Temp file: " +MyFile + " has been deleted."

This was first published in November 2000

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