Expand Your Categories In A New Way

On the web, I has always bothered me that I had to use the twisties in order to expand or collapse categories....

So by using CSS, I now can click on a hole bar or any other image for that mather. Define your style in the field $$HTMLHead on your $$Viewtemplate form like this: "<STYLE>"+ "DIV.viewlayer"+ "{"+ " position:absolute; "+ " width:525px; "+ " height:12px; "+ " background-color:#f1f1b4;"+ " font-size:10pt;"+ " color:navy; "+ " cursor:hand;"+ " text-decoration:none;"+ "}"+ "" (adjust to your own positions) In the categorized column formula, put this in: "[<A HREF=\"MyViewName?OpenView&Expand=" + @DocNumber + "\"><div title=\"Document Type. Click here to expand\" class=\"viewlayer\">" + DocumentType + "]" The title attrib. only goes for IE and is ignored in Netscape. You can add a new div layer for your collapse.

This was first published in November 2000

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