Export A View To Xls File

This script export a notes view to a XLS file automatically ! Sub ExportXLS(Vue As String, Fichier As Variant)...

'----------------------- Declarations ---------------------------------- Dim Session As New NotesSession Dim db As NotesDatabase Dim view As NotesView Dim doc As NotesDocument Dim nbcol As Integer Dim i,k As Variant Dim Handle As Variant Dim Wbook, Wsheet As Variant Dim column As NotesViewColumn '------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set db=Session.CurrentDatabase Set view=db.Getview(Vue) Set Handle=CreateObject("Excel.Application") Set Wbook=Handle.Workbooks.Add Set WSheet=Wbook.Worksheets(1) k=0 nbcol = Ubound(view.Columns) ' Affiche le nom des colonnes dans la premi?re ligne du fichier Excel Do Set column=view.Columns(k) Wsheet.Cells(1, k+1).Value=column.Title k=k+1 Loop Until k=nbcol+1 ' Remplit les cellules du fichiers avec les diff?rentes valeurs qui se trouvent dans la vue i=2 Set doc=view.Getfirstdocument() While Not (doc Is Nothing) For k = 0 To nbcol Wsheet.Cells(i,k+1).Value=doc.ColumnValues(k) Next Set doc = view.GetNextDocument(doc) i = i + 1 Wend ' Mise en page Wsheet.Rows(1).Font.Bold=True Wsheet.Rows(1).Font.Size=12 For k=1 To nbcol+1 Wsheet.Columns(k).Autofit Next Wbook.SaveAs(Fichier) Wbook.close Handle.Quit Set Worksheet=Nothing Set Workbook=Nothing Set Handle=Nothing End Sub

This was first published in November 2000

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