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This generic function gets passed the fields that need to be checked for values and the text that becomes part of the alert message if a field is found to be blank. If all fields check out, the form submits. When a field fails to pass the test, the focus is passed to the field after the alert message is provided.

<INPUT TYPE = "button" NAME = "Submit" VALUE = "Submit Form" onClick = "submitForm(this.form)">

//Generic Blank field checker
function isValue(errText,fieldObj) {
if (fieldObj.value =="") {
alert("Please enter " + errText + " data, it is required to complete this form. Press OK to return to the field.");
return false;
return true;

function submitForm (form) {

//The lines below send each field through the isValue function to see if they have values.

(isValue("Contact's Title",document.forms[0].CME_CONTACT_TITLE) ) && (isValue("Contact First
Name",document.forms[0].CME_CONTACT_FIRST_NAME) ) &&
(isValue("Contact Last Name",document.forms[0].CME_CONTACT_LAST_NAME) ) &&
(isValue("Contact Position",document.forms[0].CME_CONTACT_POSITION) ) &&
(isValue("CME Name",document.forms[0].CME_NAME) ) &&
(isValue("CME Address Line 1",document.forms[0].CME_ADDRESS_ONE) ) &&
(isValue("CME Address Line 2",document.forms[0].CME_ADDRESS_TWO) ) &&

This was first published in March 2001

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