Formatting a Notes view in HTML table for WEB

If you need to view documents in more then one column, you can use this WebQueryOpen agent in your
$$ViewTemplate. You need only a field for the column number and a view with
@DocumentUniversalID in first column.
Sub Initialize
'main is the name of the field 
'tutti is the name of the view
     Dim s As New notessession
     Dim doc As notesdocument , newdoc As notesdocument
     Dim db As notesdatabase 
     Set doc = s.DocumentContext
     Set db = doc.parentdatabase
     nCols = doc.Colonne (0)
     Dim eledoc As String
     eledoc = | @DbColumn ( "Notes":"NoCache"; @DbName; "tutti"; 2 ) |
     eval = Evaluate( eledoc, doc)
     main = main + |<br>Presenti | + Cstr ( Ubound ( eval ) + 1 ) + | 
documenti nella vista<br><br>| main = main + |<table border="1"><tr>| For i = Lbound ( eval ) To Ubound ( eval ) Set newdoc = db.GetDocumentByUNID( eval(i) ) form = newdoc.form (0) main = main + |<td><a href=/bolis.nsf/tutti/|"/bolis.nsf/tutti/| + eval (i) +
|?openDocument">| + Cstr ( form ) + |</a></td>| If (i+1) Mod nCols = 0 Then main = main + |</tr><tr>| End If Next main = main + |</tr></table><br><br>| doc.Main = "[" + main + "]" End Sub
This was last published in May 2001

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