Hide text when printing from the Web

Did you ever try to hide a paragraph just when printing from the web, but not from reading or editing?

Did you ever try to hide a paragraph just when printing from the web, but not from reading or editing? The option "Hide when printed" isn't working on the web, as HTML has no option to handle this. However, by using some DHTML and Javascript, text can be hidden only when printing as described below.
The following code has to be entered in the form containing the text to hide when printing:

1) Define the following classes with the parameter visibility in the STYLE tag in the HTML Head Content

"<STYLE> .vis1 {visibility: "visible" } .vis2 {visibility: "hidden" } </STYLE>"

2) In the JS Header of the form, define a JS function to toggle between both classes:

function changeClass(cl1, cl2) {
var coll = document.all.tags("P");
if (coll != null) {
for (i=0; i < coll.length; i++)
if (coll[i].className == cl1) {
coll[i].className = cl2 }

3) At the beginning of the form, use the DHTML events "onbeforeprint" and "onafterprint" as Passthru HTML to toggle between the styles before and after printing as follows:

<body onbeforeprint="changeClass('vis1', 'vis2')"><body onafterprint="changeClass('vis2', 'vis1')">

4) Encapsulate the text to hide with the style vis1 as follows:
[<p class=vis1>]text to hide[</p>]

That's it. This has been tested with IE5.5
This was first published in July 2001

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