How To Minimize Network Traffic By Controlling Memo Attachment Size In Notes 4.X

Is there a way to minimize network traffic by controlling the size of
attachments within Notes R4 memos?

This can be accomplished in one of the following two ways:

-Add two hidden fields to the memo-mask and create a formula which controls the
size of the attachments and denies sending.

-Change the Delivery Priority to Low to send the memo at night.

Supporting Information:

The following example denies sending memos with an attachment larger than 10MB
and changes the Delivery Priority to Low for attachments from 5 to 10 MB:

Field "AttachmentSize"
(Number, computed)

MinSize :=5000000;
MaxSize :=10000000;
DocLen :=@DocLength;
DocSize :=@Text(@Integer(@DocLength/100000)/10; "F,1");
WarnMin :="Size of your memo is" + DocSize + "MB. Memos bigger then 5 MB will
be sent with priority low";
@If(@IsDocBeingMailed & (DocLen > MinSize & DocLen < MaxSize);
@Do(@Prompt([OK]; "Memo is too big"; WarnMin); 1); @Unavailable)

Field "DeliveryPriority"
(Text, editable)


Input Translation:
@If(AttachmentSize= 1;"L";DeliveryPriority)

Input Validation:
MaxSize := 10000000;
DocSize := @Text(@Integer(@DocLength / 100000) / 10; "F,1");
WarnMax := "Size of Memo is " + DocSize + " MB. Memos bigger then 10 MB will
not be routed.";
@If(@DocLength > MaxSize; @Failure(WarnMax); @Success)
This was last published in November 2000

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