Perfect Printing Of Notes Doc Using Ms-Word

Ever want to format a Notes document in a way that Notes just can't handle? Or
do you need to print a Notes document perfectly onto a preprinted form? There
are third party tools that do a nice job at this, but if you have only a few
different formats you need to handle and if your users have MS-Word, one option
is to use OLE automation to have Notes control a Word session and create a Word
doc based on the Notes document and print it. All without the user seeing
Word. One of the tricks is to use a template file (DOT file) with bookmarks,
which simplifies the script code. Some simplified code is below.
' ... set up all the Notes stuff, such as doc
' handle, etc.
' ...

' Create word doc using OLE automation
set objWord = createObject ("Word.Basic")
objWord.FileNew ("")

'Move word cursor to a bookmark
objWord.editGoto ("userNameBookmark")

' Get a field from Notes doc
username$ = doc.userName(0)

' Push this field value into Word
objWord.Insert username$

' Goto next bookmark and do the same
objWord.editGoto ("phoneNumberBookmark")
phone$ = doc.Phone(0)
objWord.Insert phone$

' Do this for all other fields you need in Word
' ....

' If you want, save Word doc to file
objWord.FileSaveAs ("yourFileName.doc")

' Or print the doc

' and Close
This was last published in November 2000

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