@Propercase In Ls

Function ProperCase(inString As String) As String ' ThisFunction first converts inString to lowercase, then it...

' iterates through each character and capitalizes only those characters ' which come after a non-alphabetic character (except for the ' apostrophe, which is treated as an alphabetic character). This ' results in a proper-cased string, which is what is returned. On Error Goto ErrorHandler ProperCase = "" Dim outString As String Dim char As String Dim code As Integer Dim last As Integer Dim L As Integer '----- Make sure we have a string If Strcomp(inString, "") = 0 Then Goto TheEnd '----- First make everything lowercase inString = Lcase$(inString) '----- Process the first char, if it's alpha then upper it char = Mid$(inString, 1, 1) code = Asc(char) If Isnumeric(code) Then If (code >= 97 And code <= 122) Then outString = Ucase$(char) Else outString = char End If End If For L = 2 To Len(inString) last = Asc(Right$(outString, 1)) char = Mid$(inString, L, 1) code = Asc(char) If Isnumeric(code) Then If (96 <= code And code <= 122) And _ ' char is lower case and (last <> 39) And _ ' the last char is not an apostrophe Not((65 <= last And last <= 90) Or _ ' and is not a member of (97 <= last And last <= 122)) Then ' of the alphabet outString = outString & Ucase$(char) Else outString = outString & char End If End If Next L ProperCase = outString TheEnd: Exit Function ErrorHandler: ProperCase = inString Print "ProperCase: " & Trim$(Str$(Err)) & ": " & Error$ Resume TheEnd End Function

This was first published in November 2000

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