@Sendmail from the Web with URL Link

@sendmail DOES work from the Web! It just looks as if it is sent from "the server". This code uses the names of 2 CGI variable which Domino will automatically populate when the page loads.

Beware: You need to save the doc first before you can get this to work as you need the UNID of the doc to build the URL (included in code)
Create 2 text, editable fields called server_name, and path_info on your form, and use the following code in a button etc.

URL:=@Left(("http://"+ server_name+path_info);"?");

@MailSend("Receiver" ; "" ; "" ; "A New Document has been created by " + @Name([CN];@UserName) ;"Please click on the link to open the document->"+@NewLine+ URL;""; "" );

This was first published in November 2000

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