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What do you do when your users want a signature file in R4 and the personal stationary is not deemed a satisfactory solution?

What do you do when your users want a signature file in R4 and the personal stationary is not deemed a satisfactory...


Like many former Outlook users, our employees wanted a signature to appear automatically each time they sent an E-mail. I devised a plan to allow them to choose, if they wish, to have a signature and then a way to add and edit their signature.

First, I created an entry in the Calendar Profile called Mail processing options, listed under the Advanced Calendar options (renamed Advanced Mail and Calendar options) and added a field called "AddSig".

Second, I created a form and a view, both called Signature, that creates a field for the DocUNID.

Third, I created a text field on the Memo and Reply forms called "Footer" with this code to retrieve the signature.

Fourth, I added code to the Body field:

This gives the users a chance to see their signature before they send E-mail. This works well, except for "Reply with History", because the signature is always added to the bottom of the Body field.

My next step is to create a separate Mail profile for each user. A separate Mail profile would allow me to add many more mail features. So far, all of my mail options are stuck in the Calendar Profile.


Body code:
@If(@GetProfileField("CalendarProfile";"AddSig") = "Yes";Footer;"")

This was first published in August 2001

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