'Unique' Function Apply To Arrays

Remove all multiple values from a string array. input : t, the array to tranform output: t, the transformed array...

exemple: "one","two","one","three","two" will be transformed in : "one","two","three" Sub Unique ( t( ) As String ) Dim temp() As String Dim mem As String Dim i As Integer Dim cpt As Integer Dim size As Integer size = Ubound(t) Redim temp(size) As String For i = 0 To size - 1 If t(i) = "" Then Else mem = t(i) End If If mem = t(i + 1) Then t(i) = "" t(i + 1) = "" End If Next For i = 0 To size If t(i) <> "" Then temp(cpt) = t(i) cpt = cpt + 1 End If Next If cpt > 0 Then cpt = cpt - 1 End If Redim t(cpt) For i = 0 To cpt t(i) = temp(i) Next i End Sub

This was first published in November 2000
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