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2 mysterious parameters appearing in notes.ini file

I have a problem regarding the date format in my Notes client.

I want my date format to appear as dd/mm/yyyy. My W2K regional setting is set with English (United Kingdom) and date format of dd/mm/yyyy. My Notes User Preference regional setting is English.

When I start my Notes client, the date format appears correctly initially in all the Notes databases. However, it will change to mm/dd/yyyy format after a while. The user preference remains unchanged and the date format in other softwares on my computer appears correctly (dd/mm/yyyy). This is the case each time I restart Notes. That is, the format is dd/mm/yyyy initially, but it changes to mm/dd/yyyy after a while.

I notice that there are 2 new parameters in my notes.ini added by the system:


I closed my Notes client and remarked the above 2 statements and restarted my Notes client. Date format seems all right for a while, but it changed to mm/dd/yyyy again after a while. Upon examining my notes.ini, I noticed that the Preference_en=,,,,,,,en-GB:en,, line is added again.

I hope you can help to explain how the 2 parameters got into my notes.ini, what they mean and if that is causing the problem in my date format. Is there a Notes UI equivalent setting of these 2 parameters ? How do I resolve my date format display in my Notes client ?

The R5 client was designed so that it would use whatever currency/date/time international settings you have set in your operating system. I'm not sure why you would want to have your OS and Notes use different settings. You might want to check www.notes.net for an answer since they have a regular feature called 'Professor .ini' which gives valuable information about settings in the Notes.ini.

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