64 KB limit of dialog list

Can you please advise me on the 64 KB limit problem on the @DBLookup?

I have a Dialog list field which brings a list of documents from a view. Since the data has reached its limit, it gives the error message that "The specified database lookup generated more than 65,000 bytes of results, which is too large for Notes to handle in this context."

I have tried to create an array and assign all the values to it and then assign the array to that dialog list field, but it returns blank after it crosses the limit. I cannot use Picklist due to user limitations, otherwise, that would be a good solution.

Can you please suggest an alternative way to handle this 64 KB limit issue for @DBlookup?

What you are describing here is not actually a look-up issue, but the amount of data that is being returned to the field you are presenting as a dialog list, results in an array (list, whatever) that is greater than 64K in length.

That is, you now have a field which contains more than 64K AFTER the lookup has been performed.

I would thoroughly recommend looking at a great tip from Ben Langhinrichs, which discusses this issue and how to work around it.

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