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Access levels looking through one-way mirrors

I have a form and one of the fields is an "access level" field, which contains a dialog list in which the choices are: higher management, management, executive and non-executive. I also have several views to be displayed. My problem is that whenever a user/staff member clicks on a button to display a view, I only want that view to display their access only. For instance, an executive user will only see the documents or data that have an executive access level.

However, for the management level, I want them to be able to view the management and executive level access. How can I do that? Do I need to create it on a different form for each access level? Thanks in advance.
There are various ways to do this, but here are two standard methods.

  1. You create several roles in the database ACL, such as [highmanage], [manage], [exec], etc. Then you add names/groups to the ACL and assign various roles to them. So one group of people can have the roles [manage] and [exec], while another group of people will only have the role [exec]. Then you set the view security so that only people with the proper role can see the view.

  2. For more security, you add a Reader field to every form (hence, document) and use the same roles in the Reader fields. This is more secure, because a clever user can get around view security.

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