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Access to data denied

Category: Notes Client -- Upgrade

Release: 5.0.5

Platform: Windows NT

Content: Win NT 4, SP5 and add the Lotus notes 5.05 after removing old version. The user can open his mail DB, calendar, to do etc. but when trying to open a mail for reading, he gets the message "Access to data denied." I checked ACL and ECL myself and they are OK. When I open his mail as an administrator, everything is OK. Is it something with the profile on the machine? Users of our domain are operating fine in the users group on the PC. Normally they have only a "read access" on the C:; however, the only way to get Notes working fine is to give the "change" access. I would prefer to keep the "read" permission.

Notes requires write access to the temp directory specified in the Notes.ini. If no temp directory is specified, it uses the OS default, which is usually c:temp or c:WINNT]temp. If you change the temp directory they have write access to drive, the problems should disappear.

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