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Accessing Excel file through LotusScript without MS Office installed

I'm trying to access an Excel file through LotusScript. But since Microsoft Office was not installed in my computer, the code prompts an error because it is not possible to create the automation object. Do you know a solution for this problem (without having to install MS Office)?
It sounds like you're using OLE automation. The Notes client doesn't understand Excel format, so it has to communicate with intermediate software -- such as MS Office -- that does know how to read this file.

As I see it, your options are:

  • Use some other software that knows the Excel file format and has an OLE interface. Lotus 1-2-3 might do.
  • Use some other software that has a non-OLE API and understands Excel format -- I don't know of one offhand but such software might exist.
  • You might be able to create an ODBC connection to the file and use ODBCConnection or the LC LSX to read it. The problem here is that I'm not sure whether you can get the ODBC driver for that except as part of Office.
  • Learn the Excel file format and write an agent in Notes that uses the NotesStream class to read in the file. Admittedly, this is a lot of work.

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