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Accessing personal NAB entries

I work for a law firm and we have Domino 4.6 and Notes 5.0. The secretaries here manage their attorney's email, schedule and contacts. The email and calendar parts are fine. The problem is with the contacts. Like with email and calendar, we want the secretary to access the PAB for his/her attorney. How can this be done with the PAB located on the individuals PC? Is there anyway of doing this without using replication?
You would have to replicate the personal NABs to a server for others to access them. You can't share DBs on clients. The names.nsf is always open by a client and therefore cannot be shared. If you use Webmail, and have mail templates over 5.0.5 (which it looks like you don't), you can copy your personal NAB entries into your mail file. After that, they will be available via the address button in Webmail.

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