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Adding an image to a customized signature

I have a peculiar problem. I was required to create a customized signature for our organization to be attached to every e-mail. I achieved this by creating a small form that captures user details, creates a HTML file, links it to the user mail in Preferences and exits.

An image was also to be embedded on the side of the signature. Initially, it seemed fairly simple by using tables with fixed width to achieve the desired effect.

The problem that I'm facing is that when the signature is attached, it looks the way it should. But when the user sends the message, the table properties change to fit margins, and the alignment of the text and the image are lost. Trying to solve this issue is becoming a nightmare for me. Thank you in advance.

Since you are using an HTML file, drop the tables and try using just the image with an align attribute in the IMG tag. (This attribute has been deprecated in HTML 4)
 <IMG SRC="images/myimage.gif" ALIGN="left">
If that doesn't work you can use a
<DIV ALIGN="LEFT"><IMG SRC="images/myimage.gif"></DIV>

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