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Address book that was added to server doesn't show up on client

I am using Lotus Notes 4.6. In my Lotus Notes server I am adding an address book through File --> Tools --> User Preferences --> Mail --> Local Address Book.

After adding the address book to the server, it was not shown in the client side. Can you tell me why this is happening?

Although the procedure you have followed is correct for adding additional address books to the Notes client, this step is not valid for creating a global address book that all of your users can share from the server.

To create an address book that your clients can access on your Notes 4.6 server, you need to use a feature called "Directory Assistance." Basically, "Directory Assistance" is a database that creates an index of all of the shared address books located on your server that users may access while addressing mail and so on.

To create Directory Assistance, perform the following steps (thanks to an old copy of a 4.6 Admin DB).

Setting up directory assistance

After you complete the steps necessary to prepare for directory assistance, follow these steps to set it up:

  1. To create the Master Address Book, choose File - Database - New and use the Master Address Book template (MAB45.NTF). You can give it any file name and title.
  2. Open the Master Address Book.
  3. Choose Create - Directory Assistance.
  4. Next to Domain Type, select Notes.
  5. Next to Domain Name, enter the name of a domain.
  6. Next to Company Name, enter the name of the company associated with the domain.
  7. Next to Search Order, enter a number to indicate the order in which the Domino server should search this Public Address Book relative to other Public Address books and LDAP servers configured in ithe Master Address Book.
  8. In the Rules section, include one or more rules to indicate the names that correspond to this domain. For each rule, select Yes in the Enabled column.
  9. In the Replicas section, enter a server name, file name, and title for one or more replicas of the domain's Public Address Book. For each replica specified, select Enabled.
  10. Close and save the document.
  11. Repeat steps 3 to 9 for each additional domain you want to enable for directory assistance.
  12. Create replicas of the Master Address Book on each server in each domain. The access control list (ACL) for the Master Address Book should set the -Default- access to Reader. Ensure that servers have at least Editor access so they can replicate changes.

Enabling directory assistance

After you have set up directory assistance, enable it for each domain as follows. The following steps require the Administration Process. You must have at least Author access and the ServerModifier role or Editor access to the Public Address Book.

  1. From the administration panel, click Servers and choose Servers View.
  2. Select Server documents for servers that use the same file name and directory path for the Master Address Book.
  3. Choose Actions -- Set Master Address Book Information.
  4. Enter the file name you gave the Master Address Book for these servers. For example MAB.NSF. If the Master Address Book is in a subdirectory of the data directory, provide the path relative to the data directory.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 to enable the Master Address Book on servers that use different file names or directory paths for the Master Address Book.

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