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Adjust Microsoft Word table width via LotusScript

I've been struggling to solve this problem for days but still do not have a workaround. I need to adjust the Microsoft Word table width via LotusScript.

Here is the script:

 Set wrdApp = CreateObject
 wrdApp.Visible = True
 ' Add a new document
 Set wrddoc = 
 Set wrdSelection = wrdApp.Selection
  Set range = wrdSelection.range
 Set tables = wrdApp.Selection.tables.add
(range, 1,7)
 Dim wdAdjustProportional As Integer
 Dim wdAdjustNone As Integer
 Dim wdAdjustFirstColumn As Integer
 wdAdjustProportional = 1
 wdAdjustNone = 0
 wdAdjustFirstColumn = 2
SetWidth 1.18, wdAdjustProportional
SetWidth 0.02, wdAdjustProportional
SetWidth 2.5, wdAdjustProportional
SetWidth  "0,02", wdAdjustProportional
SetWidth "1,3", wdAdjustProportional
SetWidth "0,02", wdAdjustProportional
SetWidth "1,12", wdAdjustProportional
 wrdDoc.Tables(1).Rows.Alignment 1
' wrdDoc.Tables(1).Rows.SetLeftIndent -21.6 

But LotusScript gives me this error, "Value out of range" when it hits the first "wrdDoc.Tables(x).Columns(x).SetWidth "xxxx", wdAdjustProportional."

Which is incorrect? Thank you very much.

I can't test this in my current situation. In the code I have seen, the table's variable isn't subscripted and the width is usually set with InchesToPoints. Try wrdDoc.Tables.Columns(x).Width = wrdDoc.InchesToPoints(xx). The figures in InchesToPoints are not quoted. Here is some sample code.

I would also check the Microsoft sites and forums.

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