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Agent runs manually, but not when scheduled

I have an agent that exports a Notes view to a network location (txt file). When I run this agent manually, it works fine, but the agent needs to be run on a scheduled basis (daily). When I schedule the agent, the agent runs, but no data is written to the txt file on the network. The Notes log indicates an error that states it "cannot open the file." Our administrators have told me that our Notes server does not recognize our network drives; therefore, the agent will not work. Is there any way to get around this and have a scheduled agent perform this export?

What you are most likely seeing is an agent security setting, rather than a drive issue.

The ONLY reason that Notes would not "see" a network drive mapped on the LOCAL system would be if some rocket scientist changed the Domino service to log on with an account other than "Local System Account," which would mean Domino was crippled with the restrictions of that account. Notes doesn't differentiate between what TYPE of drive D:, E: or Z: might be when talking to the OS.

There is a caveat to my last comment. Domino -- like anything else on the system -- will not be able to write to a read-only drive (CDs, for example).

Agent security 101:

  • Restricted operations in Domino mean, "I can touch anything in the Domino Environment."
  • Unrestricted means "I can touch anything in the Domino environment AND the platform on which it resides."

Check the following:

  1. Which account the service is starting with (it should be "local system account").
  2. Check the agent security settings to ensure that the agent is running (security tab of the agent properties) with the setting at 3 (Run restricted with full admin rights).
  3. Check that the SIGNER of the agent (if it's NOT the server) is listed in the "Run unrestricted methods and operations" field of the agent security section under the security tab of the server document.

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